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Who’s Invited? Wedding Decisions

Wedding guest list and event planning.

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Spring Break at Big Box Pro Video Productions

Here at Big Box Pro Video Productions we tend to be booked up on the weekends and this year is no exception. We happened to shoot a wedding in Houston last weekend. So wedding videographers always juggle the fact we never get weekends off, but we make up for that on Monday and Tuesday… if we are lucky. So this month we are trying to spend non shooting / editing time outdoors in God’s playground.

Here are a few photos from our hike in the Big Thicket National Forest.

Aside from hiking in the forest we decided to enjoy the awesome weather and have dinner in Grason’s tree-house.

Big Box Pro break time

Youngest member of Big Box Pro eating on his break.


Dinner with family

Grason hanging out in the tree-house

Tree house dinner

Benjamin Eats Dinner in the tree house.

So now that spring break is over it is time to get back to editing wedding video productions.
Till next time,
Derrick Perrin

Baby Video

A Passion – A Story – Your Family

In August 2007 Kendra and I went to our first Wedding Event Videographer Association (WEVA) conference in Las Vegas.  Kendra and I were married the previous March and she was coming on-board as a full-time videographer and editor at Big Box Pro.  Her previous profession was a school teacher here in Corpus Christi.  At WEVA we were in search of how to expand and improve our growing video business.  The event in Vegas had many great speakers, Brett Culp of The CVP Experience was our top choice. The way Brett presented the job of a Videographer was powerful.  We took home a lot of great information but it was the presentations from Brett Culp that had the most influence.

Years had passed since our long road trip from Corpus Christi to Las Vegas and we were many miles further in the road trip of Big Box Pro, but we still keep up with what Brett was producing.  I would spend time looking at top video producer websites and analyzing how they were presenting stories.  Somewhere clicks away from Brett’s main video page was a family video he produced when his child was being born.  It was simple, it was strong.  I instantly called Kendra into the room and showed here what I thought was an amazing video. She agreed this is something we should be producing at Big Box Pro.

At that point in life kids were not on our radar. We were enjoying traveling and the great outdoors.  As the years went on, our wedding video productions had gained in quality and popularity, but we were still looking for a way to tell a more compete story of ones life. Wedding day videos were just that, one day, the first day in a long journey of these two individual people. Our clients were going off and starting their families, celebrating birthdays and milestones without capturing those precious moments. In 2011 this all changed. Our good photographer friend Raymond Gray had a daughter who was ready to deliver  and we wanted to to be there to capture it.

From that moment on we knew we wanted to be there for other families special moments.

Your family is growing and we encourage you to contact Big Box Pro Video Productions to discuss how we can make a family treasure for you.

Birth Announcement – Vivian Alexa Sawyer

vimeo 56618505

Vivian Alexa Sawyer Baby Video

Take Care
Derrick Perrin
Big Box Pro Video Productions

Thanksgiving Photo


Originally uploaded by Panama II

Hey the family had time to take a family picture for Thanksgiving. Kendra, Grason and I had a great time with the family.

Derrick Perrin

Our dog was stolen today

Today someone loaded up our Weimeraner and drove off with her.  You can check out the website here.  And if you find her please let us know.  361-548-8416

Lost Weimaraner Corpus Christi Texas


Quinceanera Mass for Maria Rogers in Corpus Christi

Quince, quinceanera video same day edit. This video was show in connection with her slideshow during her party reception.

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Geocaching, (Geo-cash-ing) welcome to the global hobby.

Call it a game, a sport or just a past time, but the process that is geocaching can be a lot of fun.  Geocacing is a hobby of ours that we have enjoying for the last few years.  When we are not running Big Box Pro video productions, we are often out looking for more geocaches.  I will take a few minutes here to give you a basic rundown of what geocaching is and how you can start to participate.

History– So I have been told, back in 2000 someone in Oregon hid a box of toys out in the world.  Then he gave the coordinates on-line hopping someone would grab there handheld GPS and go looking for his cache.  It worked and the rest is now a world wide game known as geocaching.  There are hundreds of boxes, tubes, containers and locations near your home waiting to be found.

How to start– First of all you will need a GPS.  The acronym stands for Global Positioning System.  The techies call them GPSRs for receiver.  No matter what you call them you will need one.  There are several brands such as Garmin, Magellan, Tom Tom, and Lowrance that make good GPS units.  I prefer Garmin and so do a majority of geocachers out there.  Some of the new PDA cell phones are coming equipped with a GPS receiver and software that allows you to cache with your phone. 

The next thing you will need to do it so set up a free account with www.geocaching.com they are the clearing house for all the geocahes.  Most GPS unit come with software that enable you to download from the geocaching website and upload the coordinates into your GPS.  If you have an old GPS unit you will have to key in each cache’s coordinates by hand.

There are several different geocaches that you can hunt for.  Take a look at http://www.geocaching.com/about/cache_types.aspx this is an outline of the basic styles of caches available to find.  Although with items like virtual caches the find is the location or the view and not a box of goods.  Some are multiple location caches that take you to multiple locations before you arrive at the main cache.

Whats next– Go caching!  Good luck going out and finding your first cache.  Be warned geocachers are clever and they always trying to find a new and better way to hide their cache.  As you find more and more caches you will get a sense of where they might be and where not to waste time looking.  All in all caches are good hearted and are a wonderful group of people.  Try to be cautious to your fellow caches and also to the environment while you are out there caching. 

When you find a traditional cache it will have a log book, pen and some items for trade.  If you plan on taking an item make sure you leave an item.  To be on the safe side take your own pen.  If you want to be a good cacher practice the cache in trash out routine.  This helps keeping the places we love clean and nice for the next generation on cachers.

Help – If you do not find what you need on the www.geocaching.com website, or you are just in search of more information check out www.podcacher.com.  Sonny and Sandy do a great job every week with providing a wonderful podcast show.  They are funny, entertaining, informative and just a bit dorky like the rest of us geocachers, but they work hard to put on a great show and it shows.  We often download the podcacher show and burn it on to a cd to listen to while we are going out caching.  Once we are done with the disc we donate it to a cache so others might have the opportunity to learn more.

Well that is all the time I have today.  Good luck and keep you head up out there

Derrick Perrin