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In August 2007 Kendra and I went to our first Wedding Event Videographer Association (WEVA) conference in Las Vegas.  Kendra and I were married the previous March and she was coming on-board as a full-time videographer and editor at Big Box Pro.  Her previous profession was a school teacher here in Corpus Christi.  At WEVA we were in search of how to expand and improve our growing video business.  The event in Vegas had many great speakers, Brett Culp of The CVP Experience was our top choice. The way Brett presented the job of a Videographer was powerful.  We took home a lot of great information but it was the presentations from Brett Culp that had the most influence.

Years had passed since our long road trip from Corpus Christi to Las Vegas and we were many miles further in the road trip of Big Box Pro, but we still keep up with what Brett was producing.  I would spend time looking at top video producer websites and analyzing how they were presenting stories.  Somewhere clicks away from Brett’s main video page was a family video he produced when his child was being born.  It was simple, it was strong.  I instantly called Kendra into the room and showed here what I thought was an amazing video. She agreed this is something we should be producing at Big Box Pro.

At that point in life kids were not on our radar. We were enjoying traveling and the great outdoors.  As the years went on, our wedding video productions had gained in quality and popularity, but we were still looking for a way to tell a more compete story of ones life. Wedding day videos were just that, one day, the first day in a long journey of these two individual people. Our clients were going off and starting their families, celebrating birthdays and milestones without capturing those precious moments. In 2011 this all changed. Our good photographer friend Raymond Gray had a daughter who was ready to deliver  and we wanted to to be there to capture it.

From that moment on we knew we wanted to be there for other families special moments.

Your family is growing and we encourage you to contact Big Box Pro Video Productions to discuss how we can make a family treasure for you.

Birth Announcement – Vivian Alexa Sawyer

vimeo 56618505

Vivian Alexa Sawyer Baby Video

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