Wedding decisions are never easy.

You may not have ever met your Great Aunt Kathy, but your mother told you that you better send her a wedding invite!

Wedding guests lists have been an ever changing battle of etiquette versus practicality and while there isn’t a right way to choose whom to invite to your wedding, here are some tips to help you wade through that thick address book.

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Start with the basics; immediate family and the wedding party. That can quickly add up to 15 people without even blinking. Next, talk about extended family, making sure to keep their lifestyle in mind. If they live across the country, it may not be financially feasible for them to appear at your wedding. Next, look at your friends base, especially friends that you have made together. Further down the list you can add in acquaintances, colleagues and the odd person that may not fit into a specific group but are still special to you.

Once you’ve made this rough list, start comparing it to your budget and wedding style. If you’re looking at holding your wedding and reception indoors, you need to check capacity levels. If you’re holding an outdoor wedding, you will need adequate seating and tables. Next would be your menu budget. Meet with your caterer in advance to see what a price per meal would cost, especially if you are offering different entree courses. Other things to consider is the cost of decorations, wedding invitations, and even your cake size.

Above all, make sure you get RSVPs for all who plan to come. Sometimes even those who are closest to us, are not able to make it on our special day which may leave room for Great Aunt Kathy after all!

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