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How to – Host a Small Wedding

Wedding planning advice for small events.

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Who’s Invited? Wedding Decisions

Wedding guest list and event planning.

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Bride and Groom at First Methodist Church

I would have hired a video guy for my wedding

Don’t be they guy who comes up and tells me “The only regret I have on my wedding day was not having someone to videotape it.” Hire a professional videographer or find a diy workaround. Your wedding day is to precious to loose.

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To Buy or To DIY?

To Buy or To DIY? Wedding advice for the do it yourselfer from Big Box Pro Wedding Video in Corpus Christi, Texas

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Wedding App for ipad

Working on Motorized slider

Motorized diy slider dolly setup with help from Servo City.

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Motorized Slider

Igus DIY Video Slider

In the last two years I have relied in my Igus DIY video slider a lot. It was full manual and I have decided to put a motor on it. I will be posting a follow up video and a photos.

Most of my parts were ordered from Servo City. Below is my wire diagram used to limit motor from burning up when I get to the end of my rail.

Servo motor wiring diagram - Limit Switches

Two way servo motor limit switch for slider motor setup