Month: August 2010

How to, the making of Juliette for the CC7D 2010

How Juliette the CC7D 2010 film was made. Team Meadowlark Films.

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CC7D – Juliette Film by Meadowlark Films

Juliette an animated film by Meadowlark Films

The real world versus the ‘ideal’ world; Reality with a peek into Juliette’s pretty daydream.

This stop motion movie was made in 7 days as part of the Corpus Christi Seven Day Film Project.

Music by Andrew Duge.

Team leader Kendra Perrin of Big Box Pro Video Productions teamed up with Leslie Castro and Ryan Gray of Deux Boheme Photography to create Meadowlark Films.

This CC7D freshman effort came away with 5 separate awards.

Winner of:
Film maker award
Audience choice
Technical achievement award
1st time film maker award
Best use of the essential element – Prop

Congrats to Team Meadowlark,

Derrick Perrin of Big Box Pro Video Productions

Corpus Christi Rap off

So a rap group made a bad rap video about being from Corpus Christi, and this is Mike Whites answer to that video.  People are going nuts about these two videos.  It not all that exciting, but that’s the most exciting thing going on in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Television Commercial Production Fajita Junction

Big Box Pro Video Productions just produced a television commercial for Fijita Junction. Take a look at the video, and see how they put together a great dinning experience. Fajita Junction is located in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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