Month: April 2013

Video of a wedding in Corpus Christi, Texas

In this video watch Mary Jane marry Rommel. These two said yes on April 27, 2013 at the Corpus Christi Cathedral. Mary Jane was blessed to have her mother and one of her brothers fly over from the Philippians to attend the wedding.

The video presented here was show at the reception on the same night. This “Same Day Edit” was a hit at the party. Thank you Mary Jane and Rommel for letting Big Box Pro Video Productions be a part of your wedding day.
-Derrick Perrin

Music Video Production

Waiting For August – Crazy Games Music Video

Use Somebody as performed by UPC members now Waiting for August

Live music video concert production with multiple camera operators

Buster Jiggs – Live Music Video – “Here I Am”

Torre Notez – CD Release party in Corpus Christi

Contact Big Box Pro and ask what we can do for your band or your next live performance.

Video Christmas cards are always fun.

Derrick Perrin

Big Box Pro Video Productions

Party Blast Big Box Pro

Party Blast Big Box Pro

Party Blast is a website that helps brides ding wedding vendors. We have just updated our listing on the site to include new information and photos. (so we only have one photo spot right now but we hope they are changing that soon)

So please go over to Party Blast and take a look. If you do a search for wedding video folks in south Texas we should come up in Corpus Christi / Nueces country and also in Bexar and Tom Green. We are listed in those two additional counties because that is where we shot when we are on the road. We tell people we love to shoot in the San’s: San Angelo and San Antonio.

Flyboarding | Texas Fly Board Water Sports

Flyboarding – Texas Fly Board Water Sports

My friend Kevin Berry has done it again. He is bringing Corpus Christi something new and exciting to do. Kevin calls it flyboarding and he has opened Max Pro Water Sports to bring it to the public.

flyboarding in Corpus Christi

Taking flight, flyboarding in Corpus Christi Texas

Here is a video we put together for the Visit Corpus Christi website

In Corpus Christi you can fly above the water using a water jet system. Take a look at Fly Board Texas. This little tv commercial spot was produced by Big Box Pro Video Productions.

flyboarding - Corpus Christi Texas

Spring Break at Big Box Pro Video Productions

Here at Big Box Pro Video Productions we tend to be booked up on the weekends and this year is no exception. We happened to shoot a wedding in Houston last weekend. So wedding videographers always juggle the fact we never get weekends off, but we make up for that on Monday and Tuesday… if we are lucky. So this month we are trying to spend non shooting / editing time outdoors in God’s playground.

Here are a few photos from our hike in the Big Thicket National Forest.

Aside from hiking in the forest we decided to enjoy the awesome weather and have dinner in Grason’s tree-house.

Big Box Pro break time

Youngest member of Big Box Pro eating on his break.


Dinner with family

Grason hanging out in the tree-house

Tree house dinner

Benjamin Eats Dinner in the tree house.

So now that spring break is over it is time to get back to editing wedding video productions.
Till next time,
Derrick Perrin