Month: June 2008

Working on a new web

We are currently working on revamping our wedding video website.  We would like to have it done by the July wedding fair here in Corpus Christi, Texas.   This summers wedding fair will be on July 27, 2008.

Here are some of the items we would like to showcase with our updates:

  • Same Day Edits (SDE) – This is a video of your wedding that is edited and shown at your reception
  • Credits – Opening and closing movie style credits for your wedding video
  • Love Story – This includes but is not limited to interviews of the bride and groom
  • DVD Menu – We will show exactly what you can expect your DVD menu and DVD disc to look like

When we get it up we will let you know.  If you would like to see our wedding video website now click here:

Big Box Pro Wedding Site

Thanks for your time

Derrick & Kendra Perrin

Big Box Pro Video

A Place For A Baby Or Wedding Shower

There is now an alternative for those of you who want to have a baby or wedding shower, but don’t want to have 30 people in your home.

Here at the new Big Box Pro studios we have a large showroom.  Most of the time we use this room to shoot video.  We were talking the other day about renting it out for baby showers.  So if you are interested in renting out our big room here at Big Box Pro please email us at

Pictures here

Big Box Pro Arch


Derrick Perrin

Video Grams

If you have someone overseas or just someone you would like to say hi to, do it with video.  Here at Big Box Pro Video Producins we have a studio where we let you come in and make a videogram to send to your lovedones.  We are also avalable to come to your location to video you.  If you are intrested in saying hi and showing your face then give us a call and we can set something up for you.


Derrick Perrin

Quick trip to Chicago

On Monday I took off on a quick trip to Chicago.  All in all I don’t think I was on the ground more than 22 hours.  I was hired to document a factory in the Chicago area.  The factory is involved in a lawsuit and is working on packing up their shop and moving it to China.  The tour of the factory was interesting.  The building was old and was the former location of the United States Craft cheese plant.  We ended up shooting about three hours of video while in the plant.  I am not sure if the workers there had ever seen a videographer before.  They did not seem happy that we were there.

While in Chicago I was able to visit the Magnificent Mile and do a bit of geocaching.  That was about it for the trip and I was back on Southwest flying home.  I would like to go back sometime I have a chance to spend some time there.  Chicago seemed like a nice city in the summertime.

Take care

Derrick Perrin

West Texas Land

I am missing west Texas right now so I figured I would write a bit about it.  At least once a year Kendra and I are able to travel out to our little rock farm in West Texas.  The legal description is: wj cathey W. & W. colquitt 1009 3395 Oh yea then you have to subdivide that double block of land down to our little 10 acres of it.  It is small but we love it.  There is nothing else out there and cell phones will only work when you run to the top of the hill.

Building a PVC shelterFoundationGuns

Well one day we will get back there.  I hope soon.


Derrick Perrin

Survey: wj cathey
Grantee: W.& W. Colquitt
Leag: Section 1009
Abs: 3395

Working on show 0011 for Lets Go Caching

On show 11 we will spend most of our time out geocaching.  This past Sunday we attended an event here in Corpus Christi.  Like many of the events we go to everyone there was just talking about all the hides they had just put out.  So it took a few days for the caches to come out, but when they did we went on a geocaching hunt for first time finds.  We were able to get 5 of 6 first to finds.  Depending on how you play the game we could count it 6 of 6.  More on that on another show.

Well back to editing for now.

Derrick Perrin

Kendra & Derrick Perrin

Weekend wedding in Rockport

This past Saturday we went out and videoed a wonderful wedding in Rockport, Texas. This wedding was at the Rockport Beach Pavilions. The day belonged to Cynthia and Damon Ragsdale. We can’t wait to get this one edited. The day turned out perfect. Once we have the clip online we will post it so you can take a look.

We would also like to thank Amy & Terri with Outside the Box. They do such a great job planning these events and it shows.

Congrats to Cynthia and Damon… To many years of happiness

Derrick & Kendra Perrin