Month: January 2008

Still moving

Well we have had the new shop for three weeks now. Most of the hard work is over and we are starting an end is near.

Once open we hope to be South Texas first choice for wedding and special event videography. We strive to be the best and we think our new studios will show it.

If you have time check out our website at

Thanks for your time
Derrick Lee Perrin

Pix of the new studio

Here are a picture of the new Big Box Pro studio we have been working nonstop on for the last seven days. 

Video Produciton studio st Big Box Pro

We will have more up soon.

 Back to work for now.


Derrick Perrin

Dallas for a day

Today I am on my way to Dallas to shoot video for a law firm. Todays case is about a construction injury that has left the client with a major head injury.

We video everything that happens at rehab and then go back to the studio and edit a day in the life of video.

Just to give you a heads up.

d Perrin

New Year, New Studio

Big Box Pro moves to a new production studio. Just an update on the move and whats to come with Big Box Pro Video Productions.

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Big Box Pro offers same day wedding video edits is a link to one of our first same day edits.  Take a look at it this way…. your wedding is done, so is your first dance, your cake is all but being devoured, whats next for your guest…. a presentation of your wedding video at your reception.  I know it might sound a bit odd, but just think about how you could wow your guest with the same day edit of your nuptials.  You can also include any special wishes or thanks and gratitude for the ones who made you the way you are.

We encourage you to take a look at Misty and Scott’s same day edit at the link above.  We were gracious to be their wedding day videographers.

 If nothing else tell us what you think

.Derrick Perrin at Scott & Misty’s Port Aransas Wedding


Derrick Perrin, from Big Box Pro, Corpus Christi’s Wedding Video Specialist.

Wedding Videographer Questions

From Derrick Perrin with

If you are looking to hire a videographer for your wedding or special event here is a quick list of things you should ask.

  • How many cameras will be used
  • If multiple cameras will be used will they all have camera operators
  • How will audio be captures (camera microphone vs. wireless microphone)
  • Is there a set amount of time the videographer will be there
  • Will the person you are talking to the actual person that will be at your wedding
  • How will the project be edited
  • Who will be editing the project
  • What is the final outcome (DVD, VHS, HD-DVD, Web Video/I-Pod)
  • How many copies included
  • How long does it take to get the project back

This is just a short list of questions that, at bare minimum, should be asked. 

Thanks for your time

Derrick Perrin, Big Box Pro Audio Video, Corpus Christi Wedding Video Specialist

Long weekend ahead

Hi there,

Kendra and I will have a long weekend coming up.  Friday we video a wedding and reception.  Saturday is a Quinceanera, and Sunday we start work on our new location.  Before we know it it will be Monday.

More on the new location-

We will be moving from our 402 Peoples Street location to a new studio on the corner of Almeda and Everhart.  Along with the move we will be taking in Fonzie Munoz Photography with us.  The two companies will continue to operate as solo companies but will share 1,200 square feet of office space.  We are all very excited about the move.  We do have a tremendous amount of work to do at the new spot.  So far on the list will be removal of wallpaper, carpet, part of the t-grid ceiling.  Next, we will tackle putting up a new wall and finishing up painting.  Our anticipated date for working out of the new office is February 1, 2008.

The new location will provide a bigger, safer, and more pleasant location for our customers to visit.  Our new location will have a giant display room for customers to come in relax and view what Fonzie Munoz Photography, and Big Box Pro Audio Video have to offer.  We will continue to offer first class video productions for Corpus Christi and the surrounding South Texas area.  So if you are in need of wedding, quinceanera or special event videography services look to Big Box Pro.

Wish us luck

Derrick & Kendra Perrin

Wedding Fair Recap

The wedding fair this weekend was a success.  There were over 600 brides from the Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend area there.  We had great opportunity to show some of our work and to inform the wedding public about professional video.  When talking to some of the brides to be, you could see the light-bulb go on when we would ask them how they were going to capture the toast?  Hire a wedding videographer?

So as things progress in the wedding world couples are counting on video, along with photos, to capture there wedding day memories forever.

 If you came by our booth on Sunday thanks for stopping by.

Derrick & Kendra

Law video work

I am up in San Antonio right now working on a new law mediation brochure.  This marks the 12th hour of editing today.  Tomorrow looks the same.  Come to think of it, it is all starting to look the same.  Oh well, I love the work.  It is hard work, but by the time you get a few days into the project it is time to turn it in and see what the other side thinks.  I hope this brings the attorneys millions and millions of dollars for their efforts.

Well, I just wanted to touch base and keep a post as to what I am working on.