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Cake Returns Video

We put a movie into the Corpus Christi Film Society’s, Coastalathon event.  Our video was called Cake Returns.  It is a regurgitation of our previous projects.   We do a lot of videos of weddings and other special events so this was a good fit for us.

Here it is.

[vimeo 10887924]

We had a blast making fun of other local film makers and cake backwards is a lot of fun.


Big Box Pro – Corpus Christi, Texas

Bridal Spotlight Video, San Antonio & Corpus Christi

Bridal Dress Spotlight Video

These Bridal Spotlight videos give the bride another opportunity to use their wedding dress.  This in turn makes the wedding dress more valuable in the long run.  We had a blast working with her and can’t wait to shoot our next bridal spotlight.

Although we do most of our work in Corpus Christi, Texas, we also travel quite a bit.  The video in this page was shot at the McNay Museum in San Antonio, Texas, and also in David’s Bridal in Corpus Christi.  We are partners with David’s Bridal, and they let us shoot video of brides during dress rehearsals.  The bridal interview was shot in-house at Big Box Pro Video Productions.


Big Box Pro Wedding Video

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Time for a DIY video slider project

I’m working on a new camera rig that will improve some of the shots we take.  This project doesn’t have an official name.  Some call them indisliders, glidetrack, mico-dolly, zazaslider,or various other names.  I will be modifying the plans from the ZazaSlider web page.  You can find their plans online at:  They use a rail and carriage system built by igus® Inc.

Although the DryLin® linear bearings are not a product built for video, this is one of those great do it yourself projects

Linear Rail System for video

Linear Rail System

There are some videos on line at:

[vimeo 7922895]

Here is a good example of a slider in use.

Slider History

To view a history of the ZazaSlider you can checkout the there are over 198 pages to date.  Some of the stuff is repeat, but there is a wealth of information and last night I checked out each page for research.  It felt like I read a marathon.  There were only three people who are working the same system I’m building.  There system is these two parts:

WS-16-60 Drylin ‘W’ rail 1000mm
WW-16-60-10 Drylin ‘W’ carriage

This will get you a rail that has 16mm guides that are 60mm apart.  This equals 39.37  inches or just over 3 feet of  rail length.

I just ordered this:

WS-20-80 1500mm  This put me at 59.05 inches or just at five feet long.

WW-20-80-15 This is the 150mm or 5.90 inch carriage.

If you order this online you can ask for WK 20-80-15-01-1500 This the complete 20mm rails that are 80mm apart with a 150mm carriage quantity 01 and a rail length at 1500mm.  I got an email response in 12 hours, but your best bet is to call them on the phone.  1-888-803-1895 is the Igus number in the United States. The total for this order was $284.19 US.

The alternatives:

Dp Slider uses a ball bearing system with their rail and has an inner track instead of igus’ outer track system.  The DP Slider system creates more noise as it rolls on the track.  It seems solid and they have some quality video on their site.  Granger has thePBC Linear RediRail® linear guide system that looks like the DP Slider system.  They use the 45mm setup on the RediRail® linear track.

Future of this Project:

I’m looking to video my progress, and will start when my rails get here.  I will modify this post when things start to happen.

[vimeo 11025713]

This was my first test of the new slider (2nd week of April 2010)  I need to tweak a few things, but I think it is really solid.


Derrick Perrin

Big Box Pro Video Productions


Wedding Video By Big Box Pro Wedding Films – Newsletter for April

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Spring has finally arrived!  What a beautiful and happy time of year–just right for planning your wedding.

We have been working with a lot of couples, capturing their wedding day with video.  If you have any question on how video can preserve your wedding day memories for generations to come, please contact Big Box Pro at 361-883-4227.

Wedding Highlight Video

The Wedding Wedding Highlght VideoHighlight Video is an edited clip of your entire wedding day.  We combine the best clips from throughout your wedding day and set them to a song of your choice.

Ryan and Derrick had a very special wedding day. Their beautiful
wedding and fabulous reception were held in historic locations–First
Methodist Church and the Fulton Mansion, both in Rockport Texas. The
style of the wedding was dramatically elegant in black and white with
subtle green accents

Vendor Spotlight

This is where we will be launching the Wedding Vendor Spotlight Videos. Once a month we will be releasing videos that pertain to local vendors that service the coastal bend area.

Vendor Spotlight

If you have comments or questions about wedding vendors, please email us and we will ask the experts for you.

Big Box Pro Wedding Video Received a 5 Star Rating
5 Star Vendor on Wedding Mapper
To view what others had to say about the services of Big Box Pro visit
Something to think about–Your uncle might own a pair of scissors but you won’t trust him to cut your hair for your wedding, right?  Well why would you trust him with your wedding video?

Thank you for taking some time out of your busy day to watch our video.  If we can help answer any questions, please contact us. 


Derrick & Kendra Perrin

Big Box Pro Video Productions

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Wedding Singer Corpus Christi, Texas

We had the chance to meet up with Torre Notez this week and here is what he had to say about singing at weddings in the Corpus Christi area.

[vimeo 10621322]

Torre put out a cd called My Perspective last month,  and it is receiving some good reviews.  Here is the link to his video recap from the cd release party held at Zen Sushi lounge.


He is working hard on new album material and will be going into the studio to cut a new album soon.  I would recomend you to keep an eye on Torre and see what the future holds for this up and coming R&B singer.
Take care and have a happy Easter,

Derrick Perrin

Big Box Pro Video Productions