Month: September 2007

Vegas Trip Slideshow

Book review: Once Upon a Quinceanera

Book review of, Once upon a Quinceanera by Julia Alvarez. It was not so much about the celebration itself, but more of an examination of the issues adolescent girls face in the US in general, compounded by the additional issues particular to young Latinas.

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Misty and Scott’s Wedding

Misty and Scott were wed this weekend on the beach in Port Aransas, Texas.  The weather was perfect, the couple was easy-going and very obviously deeply in-love, the food was awesome–in short, it was beautiful.

Even though, as videographers, we don’t usually get to know the couples too personally, often there are moments on the wedding day that allow us a little peek into their personalities.  From Scott tearing up at the thought (let alone his first glimse) of his bride, to Misty completely blowing off the fact that her maid-of-honor spilled a cup of red punch on her train right before the wedding, it was obvious that this was an especially cool couple.  (The maid of honor burst into tears when she realized what she had done, but Misty just kept hugging her and telling her it was okay.  And she meant it.)

It was a great day–a great couple with a great wedding.

Check out Scott and Misty’s same-day edit  we showed at their reception.



JR & Gisel Ochoa Wedding

Well we did it… we completed a same day edit this weekend. It was for the JR & Gisel Ochoa wedding in Kingsville, Texas. We shot the wedding with a PD-170 and and another Sony 2100. Once we setup at the reception we continued to video all the major events with the two camera setup. When not shooting camera two I was in front of the laptop working away. We edited this on on Sony Vegas non leaner editing software. We ran a bit late, but the family really loved the edit. Check wedding video here.

Derrick Perrin

Big Box Pro Audio Video serves the South Texas / Coastal Bend area.

We take utmost care in providing videography services for special events such as weddings, quinceaneras, school performances and religious ceremonies.


It has been a year, so it was time to upgrade the studio’s editing software. We have been using Vegas Video for the last 7 years and we decided to stick with it. The new version has great title effects along with its continued support of the latest HD video products. Along with the addition of Vegas Pro, Big Box Pro has the latest version on Camtasia. For those unfamiliar, Camtasa is software buit to build training dvd & cds. Come back soon for reviews of thes products and more.

As always
Take care

Derrick Perrin
with Big Box Pro, South Texas Wedding & Quinceanera Video

Same day edit link

Here is the link for our first same day edit.:

Check it out and send us a message as to what you think about it. We spent about four hours on the video edit. This was shot using a Sony PD-170 & a Cannon XL-1. We edited with Sony Vegas 7.0.

Thanks, Derrick

Mock Same Day Edit, Done!

Alright, it took a little over four hours from capture to complete, but Big Box Pro has just completed its first same day edit for a ceremony and reception. Check out the clip on out site Big Box Pro,

This will be a first of many trial runs, but please commit and tell us what you think


Derrick & Kendra Perrin

Two in the can

Well the day is coming to a close and both weddings were a success. We are back in the studio and are taking our first stab at a same day edit.

Wish us luck

Derrick & Kendra

Big Day at Big Box

Today will be a long day at Big Box Pro. We have a wedding in Corpus Christi and one in Taft. Kendra and Michele will handle the Corpus Christi wedding, while Eddy and I will cover the Taft event.

I will let you know how it comes out.