Vegas Trip Slideshow

Well it has been edited for a while and I finally put it online. Check out our road trip from Corpus Christi, Texas to Las Vegas, Nevada at: Thanks Derrick Perrin

Misty and Scott’s Wedding

Misty and Scott were wed this weekend on the beach in Port Aransas, Texas.  The weather was perfect, the couple was easy-going and very obviously deeply in-love, the food was awesome–in short, it was beautiful. Even though, as videographers, we don’t usually get to know the couples too personally, often Read more…


It has been a year, so it was time to upgrade the studio’s editing software. We have been using Vegas Video for the last 7 years and we decided to stick with it. The new version has great title effects along with its continued support of the latest HD video Read more…

Same day edit link

Here is the link for our first same day edit.: Check it out and send us a message as to what you think about it. We spent about four hours on the video edit. This was shot using a Sony PD-170 & a Cannon XL-1. We edited with Sony Read more…

Two in the can

Well the day is coming to a close and both weddings were a success. We are back in the studio and are taking our first stab at a same day edit. Wish us luck Derrick & Kendra

Big Day at Big Box

Today will be a long day at Big Box Pro. We have a wedding in Corpus Christi and one in Taft. Kendra and Michele will handle the Corpus Christi wedding, while Eddy and I will cover the Taft event. I will let you know how it comes out. Derrick