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Sony FS100u

Wedding Video Cameras

Super 35mm Sony FS100u and DSLR camera vs 3ccd camcorders for wedding film.

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Production Camera Update

New camera gear at Big Box Pro Video Productions located in south Texas. Derrick Perrin mentions the companies new NEX FS100UK by Sony.

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My Review of Roku 2 XS Streaming Player

Originally submitted at Roku

Adds an enhanced remote for playing games, plus extra connectivity options.

Love It, Wish I had one years ago  It is great to see out video productions on the Roku.

By Derrick Perrin from Corpus Christi, TX on 2/7/2012
5out of 5

Pros: Built in Wi-Fi, Compact, High quality picture, Great value, Easy to use, Reliability, Easy to set up

Cons: I want more free videos, No youtube

Best Uses: Secondary TV, Office, Primary TV

Describe Yourself: Early adopter, video producer

I purchased this box so I could watch GBTV. I have also taken advantage of all the other features it has to offer. I am finding new selections all the time and I love it.


Working on Motorized slider

Motorized diy slider dolly setup with help from Servo City.

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Motorized Slider

Igus DIY Video Slider

In the last two years I have relied in my Igus DIY video slider a lot. It was full manual and I have decided to put a motor on it. I will be posting a follow up video and a photos.

Most of my parts were ordered from Servo City. Below is my wire diagram used to limit motor from burning up when I get to the end of my rail.

Servo motor wiring diagram - Limit Switches

Two way servo motor limit switch for slider motor setup