Some of the best and worst groom quotes heard at Big Box Pro Wedding Video

I’m always amazed at the number of people who come up to me and say,

“If I had to do it over again (their wedding) I would have hired a videographer.”

It has gotten to a point that I cringe when their statement starts because I know how it is going to finish.  I know some of the some clients have a tight budget and working in a videographer is easy to do. Others object to wedding video because they are nervous or don’t want a videographer in their face. Only one of these choices is a valid one while you might be able to work around the other.

Lets look a the “I will be nervous” “I don’t want the wedding videographer to be in my face” excuse.

I don’t want anyone to see me cry on my wedding day

Dear Mr. Groom, you only get married once, unless your are Brad Pitt or Tom Cruz, so let your guard down on your wedding day. If there is a list of days you are allowed to cry and not loose Man Points, your wedding day, and the day your children are born would be on the top of the list. Don’t be afraid to be sappy on your wedding video. If you are worried about someone being in your face all day long then you probably hiring the wrong video producer. A competent wedding videographer can capture your wedding day and not be obtrusive. And not hiring a professional wont keep Uncle Al from being there with his camera up in your face.

Budget, the growing wedding issue everyone couple faces

So it seems to you everything labeled wedding cost twice as much as it should and your budget is tapping out, right? Well the bottom line is a wedding video pro will cost you $1,200 and up.  If you are looking to cut corners you might be able to find someone to shoot it for $500 but keep in mind if you are planning on spending $500 on wedding video you might want to go spend $450 on a new video-camera and pay your most creative cousin $50 to shoot your day. The plus side of this is you will have a new camera to document the honeymoon with. When you get back and settled in to the married life contact that cousin and start editing your masterpiece.

Don’t let excuses stop you from having your wedding day on film

As you can see here there are workarounds and work-throughs when it comes to documenting your wedding day on video. Remember, don’t be afraid to show emotion and don’t be scared of a camera. If you have any questions that pertain to wedding videography please contact Big Box Pro Wedding Video in Corpus Christi.

-Derrick Perrin

Big Box Pro Wedding Video

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