Who the hell let Mike Walter on stage?

I find myself in Austin Texas. I’m at Wedding Market Expo. I’m sitting behind a camera mounted on a tripod that is working overtime to keep up with this energetic man by the name of Mike Walter. 1/2 through his presentation I found myself scratching my head. I was asking myself, “Who the hell let Mike Walter on stage?” Sure he was a wedding DJ, sure he runs a top notch dj company, sure he handles hundreds and hundreds of events, but why is he lecturing to me about cereal and eating peacefully? I came to this wedding conference to find-out how to run my wedding video business better. I can get lessons on how to eat from my mother. Mr Walter wasn’t what I was expecting. Here is a video sample of his conference opening presentation:

[vimeo 80296365] Mike Walter from Big Box Pro Video Productions on Vimeo.

lunch time is when it hit me. I realized this wasn’t just another conference where you listened to folks speak and then you purchased their book and dvd material to go home and collect dust on your “to-do” shelf.
This is not what the Wedding Market Expo conference was about. The organizers went out of their way to make it much more than just a room full of talking heads. With presenters like B.B. Web and Alan Berg at your disposal this event was like none other. These ladies looked at what wedding vendors need and then supplied the inspiration and the motivation needed to go out and provide the best services possible to our clients. Please watch this clip to get an idea as to what Wedding Market Expo is all about.

Wedding Market Expo Atlanta from Big Box Pro Wedding Video on Vimeo.

When it was all said and done I knew exactly why they let Mike Walters on stage. He had more to offer than tips on how to run a dj company, he had tips on how to live life. Thank you Mr. Walter for setting the stage for an amazing week of expanding and growing the wedding business. If you care to follow Mike Walter you can here: https://twitter.com/DJMikeWalter. I also want to thank the amazing staff at Wedding Market Expo for putting on a great week of learning and growing. It was perfect and we hope to see you next year! Please make sure Mike Walkers and his energy are at the next Wedding Market Expo.

Alan Berg at Wedding Market Expo

Alan Berg meets Derrick Perrin at Wedding Market Expo

P.S. Mike, quit moving so much. You are going to wear out my tripod head.

-Derrick Perrin with Big Box Pro Wedding Video

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