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Throwback – First time on a private plane 2008

Throwback - First time on a private plane

In 2008 I had the opportunity to travel in style. Photo taken before I get on a King Air traveling from Austin to Vernon, Texas

W Hotel in New Orleans gets a big “L”

W Hotel New Orleans was a big disappointment for me and my family. We present photos her of how the W missed at providing the basics such as a clean bathroom and a free luggage cart.

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Quick trip to Chicago

On Monday I took off on a quick trip to Chicago.  All in all I don’t think I was on the ground more than 22 hours.  I was hired to document a factory in the Chicago area.  The factory is involved in a lawsuit and is working on packing up their shop and moving it to China.  The tour of the factory was interesting.  The building was old and was the former location of the United States Craft cheese plant.  We ended up shooting about three hours of video while in the plant.  I am not sure if the workers there had ever seen a videographer before.  They did not seem happy that we were there.

While in Chicago I was able to visit the Magnificent Mile and do a bit of geocaching.  That was about it for the trip and I was back on Southwest flying home.  I would like to go back sometime I have a chance to spend some time there.  Chicago seemed like a nice city in the summertime.

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Derrick Perrin

A Great Grand Opening

Friday was the grand opening for the new Big Box Pro Video Production studios. Along with Fonzie Munoz Photography we invited the public out to see the new site at 4209 S. Alameda. We had over 90 people sign in the guest book and many more coming and going during the night. As for a grand opening went we thought it was a great success. Those who RSVP’d were eligible to win door prizes. A few of the business from our new neighborhood were gracious enough to donate gifts for door prizes. So a big thanks goes to our new neighbors. In the short time we have been at our new location we have been very thankful to be away from the downtown Corpus Christi area. We fee a lot safer here.

We decides a while back that we would put on the grand opening on our own without the help of any chamber of commerce. If you are planning to do it yourself we definably recommend it. Sure they will get a lot of people out to your event, but are they your target market? When it comes down to it most chamber of commerce sponsored grand openings involve the same lushes coming out for a social event and free beer. I recommend that you build a client and vendor list and work from there. You can use a site like eVite and let them cover the electronic invitations. Once your event is over you have the opportunity to post pictures online for everyone to see. You can see ours here:

We truly appreciate all of our friends and family the helped to make this a success.

Oh yea, thanks a million to Moms, we could not do this without you.


Derrick & Kendra Perrin

New Year, New Studio

Big Box Pro moves to a new production studio. Just an update on the move and whats to come with Big Box Pro Video Productions.

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