On Monday I took off on a quick trip to Chicago.  All in all I don’t think I was on the ground more than 22 hours.  I was hired to document a factory in the Chicago area.  The factory is involved in a lawsuit and is working on packing up their shop and moving it to China.  The tour of the factory was interesting.  The building was old and was the former location of the United States Craft cheese plant.  We ended up shooting about three hours of video while in the plant.  I am not sure if the workers there had ever seen a videographer before.  They did not seem happy that we were there.

While in Chicago I was able to visit the Magnificent Mile and do a bit of geocaching.  That was about it for the trip and I was back on Southwest flying home.  I would like to go back sometime I have a chance to spend some time there.  Chicago seemed like a nice city in the summertime.

Take care

Derrick Perrin


Derrick Perrin owner of Big Box Pro Wedding Video. I love to hike and camp. I'm also a big fan of woodworking and running.