How to, the making of Juliette for the CC7D 2010

Hey there some of you have been asking how Team Meadowlark Films made the stop-motion film “Juliette” I will attempt to explain the process here.

Basic explanation: We took a DSLR camera and stick it on a ceiling facing the floor.  I set up 4 lights and walked out of the room….

Tech Explanation: We first started with testing frame rates.  We knew our final product would be 24 frames per second.  so we had do work in common denominators, i.e. 24, 12, 6, 3, 1.5  These were what we had to work with.  We chose to work in a 12fps time line and to double every exposure.  This essentially meant the animation was 6fps.  We did a test and you can see it here:


We changed cameras from a Sony Alpha 300 to a Canon 5DmkII.  We had the camera mounted about 13 feet above the studio floor.  We hooked up to a pocket wizard remote so we could fire off exposures without being on a ladder.   The cameras video out was connected to a 42inch plasma for monitoring the frame.  They shot off 1163 exposures during three days of shooting.  There were 4 Tota-lights by Lowel with umbrellas at each corner of the mat.  After the 3rd day Ryan & Leslie of  Deux Bohème flew out to Italy for a photo shoot assignment.  Kendra Perrin of Big Box Pro stayed and edited the images into a movie. Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 was used for the edit.  All the footage stop motion and full motion were shot on a Canon 5DmkII.  Audio was handled with lav mics running to a Sony PD-170.


Deux Bohème has a photo album posted here:


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