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Wink Texas Wedding Video

First Baptist Church in Wink Texas hosted the wedding of Jessica Youngblood and Daegan Arnold. The video highlight of the wedding can be seen here.

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New England Classic Cars

New England car video featuring a Morgan Plus 4 and a AC Bristol Coupe. We produced this video in New Hampshire and Vermont before resting in Main for a few days.

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Keels & Wheels

Keels & Wheels 2010 highlight video. New Keels & Wheels video is being edited now.

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All Adventures in Maine

This past October we were hired to shoot in New England.  As part of the agreement we would shoot for four days in Vermont and New Hampshire, then stay three days in Camden, Maine.   Our client is a classic car collector and likes to ship some of his cars to New England for photos and video to be taken.

Appledore Ship

The Appledore


We had a blast on this trip and completed this video.

Can’t wait to see what next year has in-store for us.



New England Classic Cars

Car video shoot in New England during October 2010.

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Itching for a West Texas trip

It has been 6 months since we have been to our land in West Texas. It would be really nice to take a break from the studio and head out there for a few days. It always ends up being solid labor, but it is a blast.

Trooper on top

This is a picture of our 4×4 Trooper on the way to the top of our land. The land is located west of Valentine, Texas and near Lobo, Texas. It is part of the old W.J. Cathey 1009 Land plot from yester year. Yea, we bought it on ebay and we tracked it down. GPS can be a beautiful thing. This year we built a PVC Pipe shelter. Well we started to put it together. The pipes were cemented into the ground and most of the “A” frame went up. Take a look:

We also have a geocache out on our property. You can check it out on the Geocaching website at: GCZ8GQ

Well maybe with some luck we will get out there before it gets too hot this summer. If you would like to see more just ask.


Derrick Perrin

Rome Editing

It has been about three weeks since we got back from Rome, Italy.  The trip was a blast.

Now it is time to start editing video.  This year we shot 18 hours of video.  Not too bad considering we  shot 24 hours last year.  It was so nice this year to know what was important to tape and what was not so important to get on tape.  By the end of the trip Kendra was wanting to stay forever.  Unfortunately we had to come back home and start editing.  Well we will keep you updated as to when the project will be done.


Derrick & Kendra Perrin with Big Box Pro

Corpus Christi, Texas