Month: June 2010

Packery Channel Beach Wedding

Here is the first edit of a wedding we shot on Packery Channel in May.

They had their wedding reception at the Corpus Christi Country Club.  This was one of the funnest weddings of the year for us.  The couple had a blast and so did we.  We hope you enjoy their wedding video highlight.

-Derrick Perrin

Corpus Christi Wedding Video

Corpus Christi 7 Day Film Project

Corpus Christi, Ortiz Center, Wedding

Wedding video from the Ortiz Center in Corpus Christi Texas.

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1961 Jaguar E-Type OTS Video

Attached is a video we shot at the 2010 Keels & Wheels.  This year Seabrook, Texas celebrated the 15th annual boat and car show.  Keels & Wheels Concours d’Elegance is held every year on the first weekend of May

[vimeo 12373195]

1961 Jaguar E-Type OTS Video

We have been notified that this video will be shipped out with a news letter involving the 50th anniversary of the Jaguar E-Type.  We are super excited about Jaguar looking to use our video.

Take care

Derrick Perrin

Big Box Pro Video Productions

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Keels & Wheels Car Show 2010

The actual name is Keels & Wheels Concours d’Elegance

It is a classic car and boat show in Seabrook, Texas.  This year was the 15th annual event.  I have attached a few clips from this years car section of the show.

[vimeo 12377694]

[vimeo 12253907]

[vimeo 12371511]

[vimeo 12373195]

[vimeo 12381310]

As always we had a blast at the show this year.  We always meet such wonderful people and get to hear some great car stories.  Thanks again for watching and we would love to see you at Keels & Wheels 2011.


Derrick Perrin

Big Box Pro Video Production


Gulf Coast Bride and Big Box Pro Wedding Video

Gulf Coast Bride Magazine has decided to use one of our beach weddings online.  They are actualy using a Rockport, Texas wedding on their main webpage.   They chose a old version done with a Merrile Haggard song.  below is that video clip.  Also attached it the newly updated video clip.

[vimeo 10995117]

[vimeo 8757272]

Oh what a difference a song makes.

Thanks to for their support of our video production.  We would like to remind them to keep putting out a great bridal product.  When it comes to beach weddings brides are always wanting fun and new ways to do things, and I think Gulf Coast Bride does a great job of that.

Enjoy the films,

Derrick Lee Perrin

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Wedding Video on Wedding Wire –

Here at Big Box Pro Video Productions we decided to do a search just to find where we could be found.  Here is a quick list.  We really like our listing on

If you need to track us down you can visit our video production home page at
If you are looking for our wedding video, and fine art film site you can check us out at

We will be working to update videos on our website.  This should happen in the next month or so.  We would love to hear what you would like to see.


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