Wedding Tips | Strict Rules at Church from Pennylane Productions

Our bride and grooms need to know “This is a business transaction”
Know you have options when it comes to the church’s rules. Please watch this video from Pennylane Productions. It explains important decisions you need to make when picking your church, your photographer, and your videographer. These choices can take your ok wedding and make it a memory worth cherishing for years to come.
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Wedding Tips | Strict Rules at Church | Pennylane Productions.

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No one seems to want to talk about this, but if you were to ask any photographer or cinematographer, I bet they would all share similar experiences about how strict churches dramatically limit the quality of their work. There is nothing worse than having an unhappy church representative walk up to you and say you aren’t allowed to do your job because of some unprofessional videographer or photographer who set a bad example in the past.

It’s vital for the cinematographer and photographer, no matter their beliefs, to respect the sanctity of the ceremony, but it’s also essential that the church officials understand the wishes and expectations of their couples that hired these vendors. When this mutual respect is forgotten it leads to unhappy officiants, frustrated vendors and, most importantly, a disappointed couple. It may seem impossible to bring all of these different people together, but this complex problem can be fixed with one thing, communication.

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-Derrick Perrin of Big Box Pro Wedding Video

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