Wedding Checklist COVID

Celebrations & Worship

Above you will find the latest list of minimum standard heath protocols regarding wedding venues and reception halls. You can always become more strict, but the state would like you to operate off of these guidelines.

Check with your local county to see how their marriage license office is operating. Each county has the right to run shop how they see fit.
List of Texas County Offices – Phones

Mask up for a covid wedding photo
Wear a mask and say “I Do”

Wedding Videography and COVID

A great videographer can capture your wedding day without much interaction. Having COVID19 restrictions should not change the look and feel of your wedding video.
Due to updated restrictions, you may find yourself cutting back on the guests’ list. With video, you are able to share your wedding day with those unable to make your event. You can do this in a few ways:

  • Same Day Edit – Video Edit from your wedding day shared to social media
  • Live Stream – live shot unedited footage straight from the camera to your guest.
  • Traditional Edit – Share your wedding video after your video edit is completed

Here at Big Box Pro Wedding Video we would love to answer any video questions you might have. COVID19 is new to everyone and we are adjusting to clients needs so we can help tell their wedding story.

We remind you to Go Small, Share Big. If you have to cut down on your physical guest list let friends and family share on your wedding day by using video.

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