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Cake Returns Video

We put a movie into the Corpus Christi Film Society’s, Coastalathon event.  Our video was called Cake Returns.  It is a regurgitation of our previous projects.   We do a lot of videos of weddings and other special events so this was a good fit for us.

Here it is.

[vimeo 10887924]

We had a blast making fun of other local film makers and cake backwards is a lot of fun.


Big Box Pro – Corpus Christi, Texas

Meet South Texas Wedding Vendors

We would like to introduce our new project.  We are working on a way to showcase some of the local wedding vendors in the Corpus Christi / South Texas area.  Here is our clip asking for local vendors to participate. 

[vimeo 10449495]

If you are a vendor in the Corpus Christi area please contact us so we can shedule an appointment. 

Big Box Pro Wedding Video




Big Box Pro, Corpus Christi Wedding Videographer

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas break. Spring wedding planning is now in full effect. When planning that perfect wedding remember to document it well.

There are a few ways to document your wedding day. For years hiring a professional photographer was the standard, but these days there is a shift to video, or using a videographer. Sometimes people come up to us at the wedding fair and ask, “What is a videographer?” A videographer is one who captures a story on video. A videographer is very similar to a photographer, but in place of still photos, we use motion video and sound to develop the story. When you add the element of sound your wedding comes to life.

Both mediums have a very unique benefits. We encourage you to hire both. Below is a sample of a wedding highlight clip by Big Box Pro Wedding Video:
[vimeo 7980367]
This video was shot this past November at Nolte Farms, in Seguin, Texas. While watching the exchange of vows, ask yourself how a photo could capture that emotion.

In planning for a wedding video, many people think they can do it themselves or hire an amateur. This is where some go wrong. When hiring a professional wedding vendor you get the expertise that comes along with someone who has been there and done it before. Professional wedding vendors will have demo products so you can see what you are purchasing. Another major difference is the contract. If you hire a professional you will be getting a contract for the services and or products you are buying.

Enjoy, and good luck to all you newlyweds couples out there,
Derrick Perrin

Big Box Pro Wedding Video

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Want to see more, check out our demonstration videos at: Big Box Pro Wedding Videos on Vimeo

Wedding Video Corpus Christi Texas Videographer

Here is a video clip of a wedding we shot at the Holiday Inn Airport in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Kellie & Jame Winston were wed back in November of 2008.  For some reason we never posted this wedding video online.

[vimeo 3511866]

If you have a second please comment or post some feedback on the video.


Derrick Perrin


San Antonio Texas Wedding Video

A video clip highlight reel from a San Antonio wedding. UIW Wedding video.

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Web page work

This week I purchased a book on Search Engine Optimization or SEO. I’m learning a wealth of information on how we can get our Big Box Pro Video Production site up in the rankings on Google. For some reason, MONEY, there are sites that rank higher than any local video production company. So if you search for “Wedding Video Corpus Christi” there are results for people who do not even do business in Corpus Christi. So we are doing our best to increase our exposure to the public.

Take care and have a great Christmas
Derrick Perrin
Big Box Pro Video Productions

Cathy & Jason Wedding

Same-day wedding video edit by Big Box Pro wedding video in 2008.

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Baby or Wedding Shower Room in Corpus Christi

For those of you who want to have a baby or wedding shower, but don’t want to have 30 people in your home, there is now an alternative.  Here at the new Big Box Pro studios we have a large room we use for shooting video.  We were talking the other day about renting it out for baby showers.  So if you are interested in renting out our big room here at Big Box Pro please email us at wedding@bigboxpro.com.

Fire Place Arch

Thanks for your time

Kendra Perrin

Our You Tube Videos

We know it is not the best quality in the world, but it is a way for the world to see our video productions. Here at Big Box Pro we shoot a lot of wedding and quinceanera video, but we also do corporate and legal video production. In March we took on a new project called Lets Go Caching. It is a pod cast video show about the new hobby of Geocaching. If you need more info check out https://letsgocaching.wordpress.com/

If you want to take a look at our most top played videos on You Tube check out this:

Thanks for watching

Derrick & Kendra Perrin

Kendra & Derrick Perrin