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Big Box Pro, Corpus Christi Wedding Videographer

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas break. Spring wedding planning is now in full effect. When planning that perfect wedding remember to document it well.

There are a few ways to document your wedding day. For years hiring a professional photographer was the standard, but these days there is a shift to video, or using a videographer. Sometimes people come up to us at the wedding fair and ask, “What is a videographer?” A videographer is one who captures a story on video. A videographer is very similar to a photographer, but in place of still photos, we use motion video and sound to develop the story. When you add the element of sound your wedding comes to life.

Both mediums have a very unique benefits. We encourage you to hire both. Below is a sample of a wedding highlight clip by Big Box Pro Wedding Video:
[vimeo 7980367]
This video was shot this past November at Nolte Farms, in Seguin, Texas. While watching the exchange of vows, ask yourself how a photo could capture that emotion.

In planning for a wedding video, many people think they can do it themselves or hire an amateur. This is where some go wrong. When hiring a professional wedding vendor you get the expertise that comes along with someone who has been there and done it before. Professional wedding vendors will have demo products so you can see what you are purchasing. Another major difference is the contract. If you hire a professional you will be getting a contract for the services and or products you are buying.

Enjoy, and good luck to all you newlyweds couples out there,
Derrick Perrin

Big Box Pro Wedding Video

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Want to see more, check out our demonstration videos at: Big Box Pro Wedding Videos on Vimeo

Hire an M.C. not just a D.J.

When it comes to your wedding reception book a Master of Ceremony and not just a D.J.

In our wedding market we have a lot of people who run business under the category of a Disc Jockey, or DJ for short. These fly by night Dj services are great for back yard parties, but do not hold the professionalism that is required for a wedding reception. If you are like most couples to be wed, you spend hours upon hours planning out your wedding day. If you take the extra time and money, a MC can make your wedding day a success.

Time and time again we are at wedding reception and see and hear the following Dj mistakes

  • No Advertisements – The Dj thinks he can advertise himself to your guest. This is not very professional at all. If you are a dJ you are hired by the couple to play music and to announce when important items are happening.
  • In the Know – The Dj does not take the time to know the important players at the wedding. If you are getting ready for your father to walk out and performer the Father Daughter Dance what would you like to hear? 1) “Dad, Dad, could we have dad out to the dance floor. It is your turn,” says the armature DJ OR 2) “It is has come to the time when Britney’s father will come out and share a dance with his lovely daughter. They have chosen a wonderful song to share this special dance, here is Butterfly Kisses. Could we have a nice round of applause for Mr. Smith.” says the professional MC.
  • Cut Out The Cut Downs – The dj will say something and the groom will respond with a cut down or insult. Then the dj fires one back across the pa system. Yes, this has happened and we were there to film it. A good MC will roll with the punches and take what ever come his way.
  • No Shirt No Shoes – A dj in a T-Shirt? This is only appropriate if the groom is in a t-shirt. A professional should fit into the dress code for the event they are working.
  • Were At A Wedding No Yelling Please – The DJ that does not speak into the microphone…. They yell. Just a little fyi to the djs out there… no amount of yelling has ever amounted to larger amounts of people on the dance floor
  • Drunk DJ? – The drinking DJ. Once the reception gets started we see a lot of dj acting like they are a member of the party. The is where a professional knows that they are at work and they should act that way.
  • My HUMPS – The right music, the wrong time. We have video of a couple cutting their cake to “My Humps!” No there might be a couple out there that would like that, but for the masses this does not work.

A professional MC will:

  • Dress and act the part
  • Act in a professional manner
  • They don’t drink alcohol at the even
  • They properly announce introductions and do it at the correct time
  • They are heard only when they are needed to be heard
  • Will work with you to pick appropriate music for each event you have planned.
  • Will make your wedding day a success

These are just a few of the things we see when we are out videotaping weddings. I know some of these might sound strange, but they happen. It is sad but in our experience couples end up hating their dj more often than liking them. If you would like a list of professionals in the Corpus Christi, Texas area come by so we can talk.

Good luck on your wedding planning

Derrick & Kendra Perrin