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Bridal Spotlight Video, San Antonio & Corpus Christi

Bridal Dress Spotlight Video

These Bridal Spotlight videos give the bride another opportunity to use their wedding dress.  This in turn makes the wedding dress more valuable in the long run.  We had a blast working with her and can’t wait to shoot our next bridal spotlight.

Although we do most of our work in Corpus Christi, Texas, we also travel quite a bit.  The video in this page was shot at the McNay Museum in San Antonio, Texas, and also in David’s Bridal in Corpus Christi.  We are partners with David’s Bridal, and they let us shoot video of brides during dress rehearsals.  The bridal interview was shot in-house at Big Box Pro Video Productions.


Big Box Pro Wedding Video


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Video Grams

If you have someone overseas or just someone you would like to say hi to, do it with video.  Here at Big Box Pro Video Producins we have a studio where we let you come in and make a videogram to send to your lovedones.  We are also avalable to come to your location to video you.  If you are intrested in saying hi and showing your face then give us a call and we can set something up for you.


Derrick Perrin

A Great Grand Opening

Friday was the grand opening for the new Big Box Pro Video Production studios. Along with Fonzie Munoz Photography we invited the public out to see the new site at 4209 S. Alameda. We had over 90 people sign in the guest book and many more coming and going during the night. As for a grand opening went we thought it was a great success. Those who RSVP’d were eligible to win door prizes. A few of the business from our new neighborhood were gracious enough to donate gifts for door prizes. So a big thanks goes to our new neighbors. In the short time we have been at our new location we have been very thankful to be away from the downtown Corpus Christi area. We fee a lot safer here.

We decides a while back that we would put on the grand opening on our own without the help of any chamber of commerce. If you are planning to do it yourself we definably recommend it. Sure they will get a lot of people out to your event, but are they your target market? When it comes down to it most chamber of commerce sponsored grand openings involve the same lushes coming out for a social event and free beer. I recommend that you build a client and vendor list and work from there. You can use a site like eVite and let them cover the electronic invitations. Once your event is over you have the opportunity to post pictures online for everyone to see. You can see ours here:

We truly appreciate all of our friends and family the helped to make this a success.

Oh yea, thanks a million to Moms, we could not do this without you.


Derrick & Kendra Perrin

Still working on the studio

Another day has gone by and the work is not over yet.  We are into our 6th week of work at the new studio now.  Today I was able to get the new water heater installed.  I also painted what was left of the outside of the building.  Once all of that was complete I moved inside and replaced all the tiles in the suspended ceiling.  My last chore of the evning was to prime the new shoe molding.  In the morning I will have the opportunity to install the molding and get on with regular work.  It looks like after tomorrow the floors is all we have left to work on.

Today we also received 25 replies from out e-vite that was sent out on Tuesday.  We have over 600 people on the list so we hope we get a good turnout.  Well it is off to bed now.


Derrick Perrin

Big Box Pro Video Production

Grand Opening Soon

We are about to complete all the work on the new studio and it is looking good. This week we worked on painting the outside of the building and hung our new sign.  We never thought we would have a “Big Box” so big, but we seem to think it looks good.

Some of the construction was put on hold this week so we could do some production work.   Wednesday and Thursday I was in depositions and Kendra completed a big duplication job for a law firm.  So we had a good week in the studio.
The grand opening date is set for March 7, 2008.  If you have the opportunity come out and check out the new spot.  We will have beer and wine along with food and cake.  Yea, we will have some wedding cake for you.  We would love to see you at our new home for Corpus Christi wedding videos.

Thanks for your time

Derrick & Kendra

Pix of the new studio

Here are a picture of the new Big Box Pro studio we have been working nonstop on for the last seven days. 

Video Produciton studio st Big Box Pro

We will have more up soon.

 Back to work for now.


Derrick Perrin