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Blue Moon Searchlights – Corpus Christi

Our friend John Garcia at Blue Moon Entertainment has done it again. Take a look at this video to see the latest edition to the Blue Moon lineup, Searchlights!

For years people in Corpus Christi have asked me about searchlights and I have not been able to refer them to anyone. I’m glad I can now send them over to Blue Moon Searchlights. La Palmera Mall has been using them  the last few months.

If you are having a big event, or a grand opening, and want to do it with some show please call John.
361-855-8863 Otherwise just look up and follow the beams of light.


Thanks for watching

-Derrick Perrin



Humble Start – Bridal Spotlight – Corpus Christi

In the spring of 2007 Kendra, my wife, and I were growing and expanding in our relationship and in business.

At that time we were just a few months into our marriage and she had quit school teaching to become part of the creative team at Big Box Pro Wedding Video.

We had visited the Wedding Event Video Expo in Vegas and were looking to do new creative things with our wedding video business. This video is an example of our first “Bridal Spotlight”

Thanks for watching,
Kendra & Derrick Perrin
Big Box Pro Wedding Video
Corpus Christi, Texas