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Big Box Pro – Facts and Questions – FAQ

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Camera projecting Facts

Big Box Pro Wedding Video Facts

Please don’t read these. Really, we would rather talk to you in person. Call Big Box Pro at 361-883-4227. If you don’t feel like talking please text us at 361-548-8416.

How much does wedding video cost?

It depends on your completed film. You can find wedding video pricing information here – PRICING FOR WEDDING VIDEO

Who is this Big Box Pro

Kendra and Derrick Perrin are the video shooter / editors who love a great wedding film. Feel free to reach out and contact Big Box Pro. When needed we will hire additional wedding videographers to help out on large projects. All weddings are shot with 2 camera operators.

Do you shoot wedding video?

Yes, Big Box Pro does shoot wedding video.

Other than wedding videography, what other video productions do you work on?

We shoot weddings, tv commercials, social media blast, law depositions, music videos, and live events.

How far will you travel?

Your wedding location is not too far. We have shot video in Rome and The Bahamas. We love to travel and offer that familiarity and safety that comes with bringing a videographer / photograper you know and are comfortable with.

Where have you shot before?

Here is a list of places we love to shoot:

  • Corpus Christi Cathedral
  • 1st Baptist Church – Corpus Christi
  • 1st Methodist Church – Corpus Christi
  • Most Precious Blood
  • St Peters – Anniville
  • The Botanical Gardens
  • The Water Gardens
  • Art Museum of South Texas
  • The Art Center
  • The Ranch at San Patricio
  • Aransas Pass Civce Center
  • Mansion by the Sea – Aransas Pass
  • Rockport Beach Pavilions
  • Beeville Country Club
  • Corpus Christi Fire Fighters Association
  • Museum of Science and History
  • American Bank Center
  • Omni Hotel
  • Otriz Center
  • Holiday Inn – Airport – Corpus Christi
  • Harrison’s Landing – Debutante Party
  • Emerald Beach Hotel
  • Johnson Street Church of Christ – San Angelo, Texas
  • Mansion Royal – Quinceaneras & Wedding receptions
  • The Texas State Aquarium – North Beach
  • The Tarpon Inn – Port Aransas
  • Cinnamon Shore – Port Aransas
  • The Reserve at Dancing Elk – Birthday party
  • San Patricio County Fairgrounds
  • Richard Borchard Fairgrounds
  • Knolle Farm
  • Portland Community Center
  • Northshore Country Club

Will you shoot video for free?

Grandma always said, “You get what you paid for.” She was right. If you expect something for free then expect to get a lower quality product. We love our clients and they understand they are hiring us as a professional wedding vendor.

What cameras do you shoot weddings with?

Big Box Pro has been a fan of Sony video cameras. Occasionally you might see a Panasonic or a Canon camera in hands. We choose cameras that best fit the shooting situation.  Some of those might be:

  • Tight small location
  • Dark venue
  • Large
  • Timelapse – hyperlapse

How will I receive my wedding video?

Over the last 15 years we have delivered wedding video via digital downloads, bluray, DVD, and don’t laugh…. VHS. Yep in the last couple of years a couple wanted to send their video to grandma and grandma only had a VHS tape player. These days DVDs are the most popular way for a bride and groom to save their wedding day. Downloadable links will nudge out DVD this year.

Will you work well with my Photographer?

Yes, we are there to document your day and make you happy. We work hand in hand with your chosen photographer to make sure your day moves smooth and is documented properly. Many of the lighting settings that help with videography are helpful when it comes to photography.

Can I get the raw video files from my wedding day?

Yes. 99% of our clients would like us to handle the shooting and the editing. Here is a sample of the 1%.

This is a best fit if you love our style and want to edit like we do.
We do give a small discount for a shooting and delivering wedding project.

What is videography?

Videography – vid·e·og·ra·phy

This is a term used to describe someone who shots video. Take an example of a photographer and photography. Videography is the recording of video done by a videographer.

Many wedding videographers try to call themselves wedding film makers. We sort of like that. We don’t actually shoot on film so we stick with the common term videographer.

Where did you get your training?

Derrick here – I was the nerdy kid who gravitated to new technology. At any family function you would see me  with a camera in my hand. I got my first one in 4th grade. Yep it was a PXL-2000. Somehow they found a way to shoot video onto a cassette tape. I was hooked. After high-school I spent a lot of time in the radio and tv department at Del Mar College before transferring over to Texas A&M Kingsville.
We stay current by attending Wedding Market Expos and film making classes. Steady work in the wedding industry has help us hone the skills of telling your story.

Will you be at my wedding?

Kendra or Derrick Perrin will be at your wedding. Most of the time both of us will be there. You see wedding video is very personal and you should have a good relationship with your videographer and photographer. They will see you at your best and worst. Its their job to only capture and share the best.

If you are busy on my day who can I hire?

There are a few wedding videographers who work full time in Corpus Christi. There are a lot more who shoot wedding films as a side job or hobby. If you contact us we would be happy to share a reputable vendor for your wedding day. This is not only limited to videograpy. You can  contact us about any wedding vendor you have questions about. We offer this because we have worked with many of them often.

Do you have a facebook page?

You can find Big Box Pro Wedding Video on Facebook here:


Thanks for asking. Please like us if you happen to visit.

If you have found something missing in our FACTS section you can always reach out to us. We would love to hear from you.

New look for our wedding video website

This past weekend we went out of town to avoid Hurricane Ike.  As it turned out Ike didn’t even come close to hitting Corpus Christi.

The time off gave me the opportunity to do some work on the web site.  We have a new ad being placed in the One Bride Guide here in Corpus Christi and we have a new look.  We changed up a few things with our marketing and thought we needed for our site to look like our press material.  Take a look at the new site and let us know what you think.

Our site for wedding video in Corpus Christi can be found at Big Box Pro Wedding Video.  We hope the site has plenty of information to help those in need of a professional videographer make a great decision.  So if have any questions that are not answered on the new website feel free to drop us an email or call.


-Derrick Perrin

Big Box Pro Wedding Video

3817 S. Alameda, Suite G

Corpus Christi, Texas 78411


Wedding Videographer Questions

From Derrick Perrin with www.BigBoxPro.com.

If you are looking to hire a videographer for your wedding or special event here is a quick list of things you should ask.

  • How many cameras will be used
  • If multiple cameras will be used will they all have camera operators
  • How will audio be captures (camera microphone vs. wireless microphone)
  • Is there a set amount of time the videographer will be there
  • Will the person you are talking to the actual person that will be at your wedding
  • How will the project be edited
  • Who will be editing the project
  • What is the final outcome (DVD, VHS, HD-DVD, Web Video/I-Pod)
  • How many copies included
  • How long does it take to get the project back

This is just a short list of questions that, at bare minimum, should be asked. 

Thanks for your time

Derrick Perrin, Big Box Pro Audio Video, Corpus Christi Wedding Video Specialist