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Use Somebody Music Video

Use Somebody music video by Kings of Leon cover performed by UPC (now Waiting for August)

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Use Somebody Music Video – Cover

Here is a cover tune to Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody.  Hope you enjoy and please give us some feedback.


[vimeo 7659850]

Waiting for August playing Use Somebody a cover in the style of Paramore.  We had a lot of fun producing this music video.

Buster Jiggs

Buster Jiggs live in Pearland Texas

On May 1, 2010 we were in the Houston area shooting an event.  We happened to find out an old highschool friends’ band was going to be playing near by.  We did not intent to shoot any video that night, but they rocked so we broke out the cameras.  Here are the first two edits from that night.  The band is Buster Jiggs and you can find them on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=1624746233&ref=ts

Once Again

[vimeo 11507104]

Here I Am

[vimeo 11484739]


Derrick Perrin

Wedding Singer Corpus Christi, Texas

We had the chance to meet up with Torre Notez this week and here is what he had to say about singing at weddings in the Corpus Christi area.

[vimeo 10621322]

Torre put out a cd called My Perspective last month,  and it is receiving some good reviews.  Here is the link to his video recap from the cd release party held at Zen Sushi lounge.


He is working hard on new album material and will be going into the studio to cut a new album soon.  I would recomend you to keep an eye on Torre and see what the future holds for this up and coming R&B singer.
Take care and have a happy Easter,

Derrick Perrin

Big Box Pro Video Productions

Torre Notez, Music Video, Zen Sushi Lounge

The Torre Notez music video of My Perspective the mix tape is close to 300 plays.  If you want to check out an up and coming R&B artist from South Texas then watch the video below.

Torre Notez MIxtape Release Event of My Perspective. Produced by Metropolis Recording Studio, video production by Derrick Perrin with Big Box Pro Video Productions.


Big Box Pro Video Productions


My Perspective by Torre Notez, CD Release Recap Video


Here is a video we shot of the CD Release for Torre Notez’s My Perspective.  The music video was shot at Zen Sushi Lounge here in Corpus Christi, Texas.


This is the first release for Torre Notez.  He is currently working on a full length album at Metropolis Recording Studio in Corpus Christi.

Take Care

Derrick Perrin

Big Box Pro Video Productions

Kings of Leon, Use Somebody Cover Video

Update on the Paramore ish, cover of Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody done by UPC. We have had 2,535 hits in the last 30 days. Thanks for all the views, and thank Germany for watching the most.

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Use Somebody, Kings of Leon Cover, Paramore-ish Music video

This was produced as a birthday present for a dear friend of ours.

Our friend, Kim, liked what Paramore had done to the Kings of Leon’s song “Use Somebody” so she asked Eric and Sharon to make a video for that song. They contacted me and asked if I was up for it. I told them, “I’m all in!” Over three weeks we worked on this project in our off time, which seemed like the planets had to align just properly for that to happen.

Along with myself, Sharon, and Eric we had help from Tim Husmann, and Tony Valdez. These two were old band mates when we were know as UPC (disbanded in 1999).

Most of the audio recording was done at Michael Funtes’, Metropolis Recording Studios, and at Big Box Pro Video Productions. Tim was able to cut his audio and drums in Denver. Most of the other video was shot in studio at Big Box Pro.


The Lineup:

Sharon Burriola -Vocals – Corpus Christi, Texas
Eric Burriola – Guitar Vocals – Corpus Christi, Texas
Tony Valdez – Bass Guitar, Austin Texas
Tim Husmann – Drums, Denver, Colorado
Derrick Perrin – Video Production BigBoxPro.com
David Dreesen – Audio mix and master – Jacket Weather Studios – Austin, Texas

Derrick Perrin – Big Box Pro Video Production

YouTube - Use Somebody Cover Song