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Plane Trip

Well back doing more work with the law firm again.  Thia trip was in the private palne.  We were wheels up at 7am.  The best thing about taking the private plane is not TSA.  Check out the King Air we flew.

The Plane

The Plane

We always get a lot of work done when we fly private.  It makes it worth while when we go this way.  Well untill we fly again

Derrick Perrin

Dallas for a day

Today I am on my way to Dallas to shoot video for a law firm. Todays case is about a construction injury that has left the client with a major head injury.

We video everything that happens at rehab and then go back to the studio and edit a day in the life of video.

Just to give you a heads up.

d Perrin

Law video work

I am up in San Antonio right now working on a new law mediation brochure.  This marks the 12th hour of editing today.  Tomorrow looks the same.  Come to think of it, it is all starting to look the same.  Oh well, I love the work.  It is hard work, but by the time you get a few days into the project it is time to turn it in and see what the other side thinks.  I hope this brings the attorneys millions and millions of dollars for their efforts.

Well, I just wanted to touch base and keep a post as to what I am working on.