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Video Slider Dolly System DIY

About seven months ago I started to research camera rigs and dolly tracks.  I wanted something I could take to commercial and wedding shoots that did not require me hiring an additional crew member.  Since most of my shoots are 2 crew shoots I would like to keep it that way.

After looking at what was out there I decided to go with a micro dolly or slider system.  There are plenty of companies that will sell you pre-built systems ready to go.  Check out:

So after looking at all of these I found a website for the DIY.  ZaZaSlider.com has all the information you will need.  Here is a little information straight from his site.

If you’ve found this site, chances are you know about the popular DIY ZazaSlider that allows you to add dolly and slider shots to your cinematography in a highly portable and efficient way… and save you hundreds by building it yourself. I’ve created this site in an effort to condense all the information and ideas that have been discovered over the past two years and get it all in one place.

So take a look at ZaZa’s slider site and then call up IGUS at http://www.igus.com/ (800) 521 2747.  Ask for the ZaZaSlider kit, they should know what you are talking about.

Here is a video I made with my slider:

To see how I made my slider check out this video.

Enjoy the clips

Derrick Perrin – Big Box Pro Video Production in Corpus Christi, Texas

Time for a DIY video slider project

I’m working on a new camera rig that will improve some of the shots we take.  This project doesn’t have an official name.  Some call them indisliders, glidetrack, mico-dolly, zazaslider,or various other names.  I will be modifying the plans from the ZazaSlider web page.  You can find their plans online at: http://zazaslider.com/instructions.html.  They use a rail and carriage system built by igus® Inc.

Although the DryLin® linear bearings are not a product built for video, this is one of those great do it yourself projects

Linear Rail System for video

Linear Rail System

There are some videos on line at:


[vimeo 7922895]

Here is a good example of a slider in use.

Slider History

To view a history of the ZazaSlider you can checkout the http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?t=145701 there are over 198 pages to date.  Some of the stuff is repeat, but there is a wealth of information and last night I checked out each page for research.  It felt like I read a marathon.  There were only three people who are working the same system I’m building.  There system is these two parts:

WS-16-60 Drylin ‘W’ rail 1000mm
WW-16-60-10 Drylin ‘W’ carriage

This will get you a rail that has 16mm guides that are 60mm apart.  This equals 39.37  inches or just over 3 feet of  rail length.

I just ordered this:

WS-20-80 1500mm  This put me at 59.05 inches or just at five feet long.

WW-20-80-15 This is the 150mm or 5.90 inch carriage.

If you order this online you can ask for WK 20-80-15-01-1500 This the complete 20mm rails that are 80mm apart with a 150mm carriage quantity 01 and a rail length at 1500mm.  I got an email response in 12 hours, but your best bet is to call them on the phone.  1-888-803-1895 is the Igus number in the United States. The total for this order was $284.19 US.

The alternatives:

Dp Slider uses a ball bearing system with their rail and has an inner track instead of igus’ outer track system.  The DP Slider system creates more noise as it rolls on the track.  It seems solid and they have some quality video on their site.  Granger has thePBC Linear RediRail® linear guide system that looks like the DP Slider system.  They use the 45mm setup on the RediRail® linear track.

Future of this Project:

I’m looking to video my progress, and will start when my rails get here.  I will modify this post when things start to happen.

[vimeo 11025713]

This was my first test of the new slider (2nd week of April 2010)  I need to tweak a few things, but I think it is really solid.


Derrick Perrin

Big Box Pro Video Productions