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Music Video – Use Somebody Cover Song

One Bride Guide Cover Shoot

The one bride guide cover shoot – behind the scenes video shoot by Big Box Pro Video Productions.

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One Bride Guide’s Cover by Deux-Bohème

In March of this year we were happy to find out that our good friends Leslie & Ryan at Deux Bohème were chosen to shoot the cover of the One Bride Guide. The One is a bridal guide that is published out of our home town, Corpus Christi, Texas.

One Cover

Lesle & Ryan hold their cover of the One Bride Guide

We first met the Deux team back in 2008 after working a wedding with Ryan’s father, Raymond Gray of Gray Photography.  We have always been amazed at Deux-Bohème’s work and creativity.  Over the last few years we had the opportunity to have mutual clients.  These mutual clients have enjoyed their work as much as we have enjoined working with them.

We liked their work so much we had them shoot our family photos last year.

Derrick & Kendra

From our Deux Shoot - Spring 2010 - Photo by Deux Boheme

Grason on a slide

Grason Plays - Spring 2010 - Photo by Deux Boheme

Pre Photo Shoot

Aside from our wedding, Kendra and I have not had a lot of professional photo shoots.  We were amazed to the attention to detail and the creativity that came from the Deux.  Leslie was willing to come into our home and search our closets from top to bottom to find our family’s wardrobe.  When one item was still needed, it was off to Target to find it.  We just would have never thought someone would take so much time to make sure things were put together right.

The Photo Shoot

When we showed up to our first location they were there with props and ideas.  We had to do little more than just sit there and be ourselves.  It was simply that easy.

Post Photo Shoot

We have learned that the term “ACTIONS’ is a popular tool in the Photoshop world.  We also learned that “ACTIONS” is a four letter word to Leslie & Ryan.  Actions is the one size fits all approach to editing a batch of photos.  This achieves good results, but not perfect ones.  Every image – every detail! is how these two approach the post photo session work.

The One Bride Guide Photo Shoot For The Cover

We met up with Leslie & Ryan at the beach on April 3, 2011.  They had just completed hair and makeup at the clients’ home.  Megan with Chaos Makeup made it out to the beach to put on the finishing touches.  She did another amazing job for this shoot.  Also working with Megan was Yvonne Vaiz with Blue Neptune Hair.

Chaos Makeup - Megan

Blue NeptuneHair by Yvonne Vaiz

The models were wonderful, as expected from the two previous sessions including their wedding and a trash the dress session.  Leslie had ropes of streamers, a guitar, and a freshly made custom dress for Katlin to wear.  This was our second project to work on where Leslie had custom built the dress.  To see her amazing work click over to this link on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Uc-TlqDQII.

The Behind The Scenes Video

We would also like to thank Monica McLeod Sawyer from The One Bride Guide for thinking of us when it came to shooting the behind the scenes video for this summers cover.  We enjoyed the shoot very much. We have have been an advertiser since the 2nd issue and find it to be a wealth of information for newly engaged couples.  So to Monica and her crew at The One Bride Guide, thanks for providing such a great publication, and keep up the good work.

Until next time,

Derrick & Kendra Perrin

Big Box Pro Wedding Video – Corpus Christi Texas

Use Somebody Music Video

Use Somebody music video by Kings of Leon cover performed by UPC (now Waiting for August)

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Kings of Leon, Use Somebody Cover Video

Update on the Paramore ish, cover of Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody done by UPC. We have had 2,535 hits in the last 30 days. Thanks for all the views, and thank Germany for watching the most.

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Use Somebody, Kings of Leon Cover Video, Like Paramore

hanks to all of our viewers on day one. After launching our video “Use Somebody” we have had some great results. In-fact, we were blown away by over 200 views in the first 20 hours.

Here are some of the comments from YouTube
Wow! Great vocals and audio mix.
I also like the single lighting source – makes it very dramatic

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Absolutely better than any other cover out there.

Amazing…… love it, love it LOVE IT!!!

Sharon, Eric, Tony, and Tim — You guys did a wonderful job!!!! Time for a reunion show!!!!

What a great take on this song! Absolutely love the cover version of Kins of Leon.

Basically what we are hearing is that people are liking this video better than the Paramore version of Use Somebody done at the BBC. We hope that is true, but that is not what we were going for. We produced this music video for a good friend of ours. Her name is Kim. Due to a medical condition Kim’s life had dramatically changed. So for her 35th birthday she requested that Eric and Sharon Burriola make a video similar to the Paramore video of them covering Kings of Leon’s song Use Somebody.
It can be viewed here:

We recorded this in a few separate locations. Most of the audio recording was done at Metropolis Recording Studios in Corpus Christi, Texas. Various other tracks were recorded in Denver, Colorado and some at Big Box Pro in Corpus Christi. The video was shot at the studios here at Big Box Pro. Oh, except for the drums, Tim Husmann tracked those in Denver. We tried to get as many members of our old band, UPC, involved as possible. We missed Rich Caldwell so Eric had to double up on his duties and play the lead and rhythm guitar parts. Tony Valdez paid us a visit from Austin so he could put his special touch on the bass parts. As always Sharon owned this song when it was all said and done.

Once audio tracking was complete, the files were FTPed up to Jacket Weather studios so David Dreesen could put his special touch on it. He did a wonderful job on the mix and master. At first I thought the mix was too much, too many effects for my likings, but once it settled in I’m really starting to love the mix David put on it.

We hope you enjoy the video as much at we enjoined making it. And for those of you who would like to know… yes, Kim absolutely loved her birthday present. I had a blast working with the old UPC band-mates. We will be working on some other tracks soon.

Derrick Perrin
Big Box Pro Video Productions
Corpus Christi, Texas

Use Somebody, Kings of Leon Cover, Paramore-ish Music video

This was produced as a birthday present for a dear friend of ours.

Our friend, Kim, liked what Paramore had done to the Kings of Leon’s song “Use Somebody” so she asked Eric and Sharon to make a video for that song. They contacted me and asked if I was up for it. I told them, “I’m all in!” Over three weeks we worked on this project in our off time, which seemed like the planets had to align just properly for that to happen.

Along with myself, Sharon, and Eric we had help from Tim Husmann, and Tony Valdez. These two were old band mates when we were know as UPC (disbanded in 1999).

Most of the audio recording was done at Michael Funtes’, Metropolis Recording Studios, and at Big Box Pro Video Productions. Tim was able to cut his audio and drums in Denver. Most of the other video was shot in studio at Big Box Pro.


The Lineup:

Sharon Burriola -Vocals – Corpus Christi, Texas
Eric Burriola – Guitar Vocals – Corpus Christi, Texas
Tony Valdez – Bass Guitar, Austin Texas
Tim Husmann – Drums, Denver, Colorado
Derrick Perrin – Video Production BigBoxPro.com
David Dreesen – Audio mix and master – Jacket Weather Studios – Austin, Texas

Derrick Perrin – Big Box Pro Video Production

YouTube - Use Somebody Cover Song