Most weddings are very traditional and there is not a lot of clients that stray away from the standard mold.  Each couple is unique in the fact they are coming from two different walks of life and they bring their own touch to their wedding day and we try to capture that on video.  Every once in a while you might get a couple that makes an attempt at a “Rock the reception dance” or they try to “dance it out” walking down the isle, but until May 26, 2012 we had never videoed a wedding toast being rapped. We think Dillon and Jenn did a fabulous job, and it will be something Chelsea and Joseph will cherish for a very long time.

Video from a reception at the Don Strange Ranch.


Derrick & Kendra Perrin
Big Box Pro Wedding Video
Corpus Christi Texas


Derrick Perrin owner of Big Box Pro Wedding Video. I love to hike and camp. I'm also a big fan of woodworking and running.