What is better for your wedding dao? Photographer or Videographer? BOTH

Social media has changed the way that we have weddings, but how about the way we share weddings and relive them for ourselves? Before, you’d spend your money on having a professional photographer and be presented with a pretty album of photos to flip through. Then video cameras came into play and once a year, you’d dust off the VHS and pop it in to watch the wedding ceremony and reception fun.

Now, however, you have so many more options to play with. Wedding album? Now you flip through your photos on your computer, tablet, or just your online gallery. VHS? Ancient history! Now you can watch your wedding on YouTube or on your smartphone any time.

But which do you hire? Do you splurge on pretty pictures or walking and talking people? The answer is definitely both. For photos, it’s great to have those mementos to hang in your home and mail out to family/friends who weren’t able to be there on your day. They are also a great way to relive your special day. Videography is important because you cannot capture everything in a photograph – the best man’s speech, the wavering voices during the wedding vows, the song during the first dance.

While it’s always nice to save money by hiring a family member, you also won’t be able to see that family member in your photos because they are behind the camera. Additionally, you may be skimping on quality and this is one day when you want the best quality possible. Instead, look for one stop photographer/videographers or ones that partner with each other. Years from now, you’ll be grateful that you have both the beautiful pictures and the video that went with it.

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Derrick Perrin – Big Box Pro Wedding Videographer – Wedding Video for Corpus Christi Texas


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