New Music Video for Waiting For August

The Austin based band, Waiting for August, just released their music video for their original song titles Crazy Games. We produced this video for them this past summer.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljkQE5vmQfw]
Most of the shooting was done at Music Lab in south Austin.  Our opening and closing dream sequence were shot in at Woodrow Washateria, also in Austin.

If you care to visit this great location of clean clothing go to: 1306 W. Koenig Ln., Austin, TX 78756.  You can follow their link and keep up with them on Facebook.  If someone could please tell me why a Washateria needs a Facebook page that would be great.

Woodrow Washateria | Austin Texas

Woodrow Washateria Shoot Location

At the laundry mat we had some challenges.  We had chosen this location since the band’s last p.r. photos were shot here.  If you would like to see the photo shoot check out Kristen Farwell’s blog: http://www.karmalized.com/blog/2011/6/19/waiting-for-august-photo-shoot.html.

We think Kristen did a great job with the photos. You should go check out her business Karmalized.com

The number one challenge was customers. Since we were shooting gorilla style with all available light we had to sweet talk the manager and her customers to kindly move to the other side of this small washateria. In the end I really like the was the intro and outro incorporated all members of the band. I encourage you to watch the clip and make comments. Please share with your closest friends or on your social media outlet.

Waiting For August would also like your support. If you liked this song featured in this video please take a listen to their ReverbeNation page located here:

Waiting for August Photo Shoot

Waiting for August Photo Shoot - Karmalized Photography

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