had a great offering on November 25th. This covers a lot of the same things we tackle as wedding videographers, but in the photographer world.  Please jump over and read the blog post:

Don’t want to hate your wedding photos? Here are the 11 things you need to do NOW

  1. Like your photographer 
  2. Choose a professional WEDDING photographer
  3. Tread cautiously when hiring friends or family
  4. Delete your wedding Pinterest boards
  5. Avoid the time warp
  6. No laser lights ever
  7. Put down the vodka cranberry
  8. Unplug during your wedding ceremony
  9. Feed your photographer
  10. Turn crappy into happy with uplighting
  11. Find the photos you DO like and get them on your wall and in an album

This top 11 list holds true for offbeat brides and traditional weddings. This are issues that will effect how you see your weeding years from now. I would like to thank Offbeat Bride for their outlook on Laser Lights. I could go on and on about DJ’s jacking up wedding video, but that would be for another post.

Derrick Perrin – Videographer at Big Box Pro Wedding Video


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