I get asked this question all the time, “What do you do for a living?”  After explaining all the different types of video we produce then I get asked, “What do you like the most?”  To tell you the truth I don’t have a solid answer for that.  I love that we have a lot of variety of work and a vast amount of different work.

Today I want take a moment to reflect on some of the production work Big Box Pro Video Productions creates.

The majority of our work falls into two categories, wedding and law.  The end product of these two types of production could not be any further separated from one another.  Weddings are such a joyous occasion bringing together two families and the law video we produce usually covers the tearing apart of a family.  Both come with rewards and benefits for doing a job well.

Law video working with Derrick Perrin Big Box Pro

Derrick Perrin at work

So today I’m working on a law video in San Antonio, Texas while thinking about preparation for our ethnic wedding this coming weekend.

We hope we have a wonderful new year in 2012.

Derrick Perrin – Big Box Pro Video Productions


Derrick Perrin owner of Big Box Pro Wedding Video. I love to hike and camp. I'm also a big fan of woodworking and running.