Social media has completely changed how we live our lives, and your wedding day is no exception.

Here are some ways to streamline your special day using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Just because you’re on Facebook doesn’t mean you want to be connected to every person on your guest list, so stay away from using your personal Facebook Profile as a way to socialize your wedding. Instead, create a Facebook Page that allows anyone to “Like” the page. As the page administrator (creator), you are able to set Events (like your wedding rehearsal), create photo albums, and even link to your wedding registry. If you are determined to stick with your Facebook Profile, consider making only your wedding photo album public (using custom posting settings) so that friends and family can comment without adding you as a friend.

Twitter is like Facebook in that anything you post is either public or private and there are few ways to work around that. One of the only ways to socialize your wedding on Twitter is with a custom hashtag like #EmeryWedding2012. To see all tweets with that hashtag, you would just search it on Twitter. The only issue is that only public Twitter accounts will be included. Private accounts will not have their tweets added to the searchable hashtag.


Instagram is mainly used for quick photographs and the main way to socialize your wedding here is just like on Twitter – with a custom hashtag. You can include your custom hashtag on your wedding invitations so everyone knows what to use. Again, only public Instagram accounts will have their images shown in the searchable hashtag.

In December we walked into video a reception and there was a big hand drawn chalk board with the bride and grooms Instagram hashtag on it.  As the event went on their guest were able to post photo taken with their smart phones so the bride and would have an instant wedding photo album as the night progressed.

Socialize Your Wedding

How to Instagram Your Wedding

How to Instagram Your Wedding by Mandy Stephenson

If you want more information on Instagraming your wedding check out this blog by By Mandy Stephenson at Social media is changing and evolving rapidly, and by the time your big day comes, there may be another great way for you to share the festivities online so stay tuned to Big Box Pro Wedding Video for more tips and tools!

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