Its not everyday you hire someone to document your entire day, but then again its not everyday you marry the love of you life. Now is it?

So who will you hire to capture the sights and sounds of your wedding day?

We hope that it will be someone who shares your vision on how your wedding day should be captured.  In matching that vision of your wedding day you will work with designers, decorators, disc jockeys, dress shops, bakers, and a list of other folks that will provide items for your wedding day.  There are only two categories of folks that can capture all of these listed for generations to come. Those two are photographers and videographers.

There are styles and there is classic

A style will be something done well, but reflect today’s time and place.  Classic will stand the test of time and be good day in and day out. We have seen a trend of brides going for the analog old 8mm film for their wedding video.  his creates a great style and is something to talk about, but when your grand kids watch your wedding video at your 50th wedding anniversary I hope they will have better video quality than you did when you say your parents wedding video from the 70’s. In other words there are ways to incorporate your vintage style and throwback look while still taking advantage of high-definition and the great video quality obtainable by today’s technology. You might want to book an engagement video session such as a Love Story, or plan on trashing the dress so you can express your style while still keeping a classic feel for the rest of your wedding day video.


A creative wedding video will capture the sights and sounds of your beautiful day. When looking at one company verses the other you will notice different styles and creativity each videographer puts into their wedding films. From planning, shooting, capturing audio, to editing your video there will be creative choices made at each stage of the process.  Watching multiple demo videos from one production company will give you a great idea as to how your video might look.  It will also give you an opportunity to project your “must haves” on your wedding video.

The sliding scale – Documentary to Cinema Style

One of the fun things about planning your own wedding is that you get to pick and choose who you want to hire. The people and business are there to provide you with wedding services to your desire. So when you meet the vendors that will be with you on your wedding day (hair/makeup, photographer, videographer, dj, coordinator/planner) make sure they are folks that you mesh well with. If you have a personality clash, you might want to look for another vendor who you get along with.

My good friend Fonzie Munoz at Fonzie Munoz Photography taught me something a while back.  While talking with a bride during a consultation he mentioned to them, “If you don’t completely  like me today please don’t book me”  He would go on to talk with the client and explain he wanted to be a good fit with them because they were going to be spending a lot of time together on a very important day and all three of them, bride – groom & photographer needed to work well together.

With this in mind you get to choose from a documentary to a cinema style video shoot. In documentary mode your videographer will try to be like a fly on the wall and not interact with you or your guest.  The end product of a documentary style shoot can be very creative, but might lack your story and true emotion of your wedding day. A cinema style video shoot and edit will be more interactive with you, but the end product will tell a better story.  The cinema style shoot works better is you hire the video company to be with you for most of the day.  If you are a bride and you plan on having all of your bridesmaids with you for Mimosa at the morning brunch, then you probably need some video coverage of it.
If your wedding event rolls over multiple days plan on hiring your videographer to be a part of your planning and book hours with them accordingly.

Go test drive your wedding vendors

So just like when you are buying a new car, try to test drive your wedding vendors. Taste cake, get your hair styled, and watch a lot of wedding video. Find a creative style that matches well with what you are looking to keep for years to come. If you would like to book an appointment to visit with Big Box Pro Wedding Video please call 361-883-4227.