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Head to Toe Women’s Expo in downtown Corpus Christi

In Corpus Christi in October 16, 2007 there will be the Beach 96.5 Head to Toe Women’s Expo.  It will be a free event open to the public.  Come out to the Omni Bayfront Hotel for a chance to see some new projects by Big Box Pro.  We will have a booth there as well as having the opportunity to run a live video wall for the event.  If you go and are looking for us we will be right next to the Beach 96.5 booth.

See you there,

Derrick & Kendra


Background of Big Box Pro Audio Video

Hi there,

This little blog will inform the reader about Big Box Pro Audio Video and its background.

I am Derrick Perrin and I am co-owner of Big Box Pro with my lovely wife Kendra. My background takes me through the radio and television programs at Del Mar College, and Texas A&M Kingsville. While at Kingsville, I was able to serve as the University’s television station news director. I did all this while working as a PC Tech at Best Buy in Corpus Christi. I also have some background in the law firm field. For two years I worked at the Wyatt Law Firm processing documents, taking pictures, and producing legal mediation brochures.

Kendra & Derrick Perrin

As for Kendra, we married on March 10, 2007. She has a background in education with a diploma from Texas A&M Corpus Christi. After working in the public school system, she decided there was something better to do in life. She soon became the head special event video editor at Big Box Pro.

In the summer of 2007, we took a road trip out to the WEVA Expo in Las Vegas. WEVA stands for Wedding Event Video Association. Hundreds of Videographers from around the world show up to trade secrets and pass along valuable information. We really enjoyed ourselves out in Vegas. If you care to see a little slideshow Kendra put together click below:

Big Box Pro has two main client bases:

  1. Special Event / Special Event Website
    1. Birthday
    2. Wedding
    3. Same day edits (Watch your wedding on your wedding day!)
    4. Quinceanera or quince
    5. Sweet Sixteen
    6. Anniversary
    7. Memorial
    8. Sport recruitment
  2. Corporate & Training – Corporate Website
    1. Legal depositions
    2. Mediation brochures
    3. Television shows
    4. Commercial
    5. Informative / infomercial
    6. Religious
    7. Sport & Outdoors
    8. Still photography

This is a small list to give you an idea of the types of projects we work on. If you would like more information, feel free to write or call.


Derrick Lee Perrin

Big Box Pro Video Productions

3817 S. Alameda, Suite G

Corpus Christi, Texas 78411

BBP IS Camlogo

361-883-4227 Office

361-548-8416 Text



Progress on Scott & Misty’s wedding video

It has been a week since the wedding and all of the footage has been edited. Their wedding is turning out so nice. Kendra worked on the edit while I had some corporate editing to do. When we finished up it was 6:30am. Yea, another all nighter. The only pay Kendra asked for was breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I am not sure if you call it breakfast or dinner after an all night editing session? I guess we ordered off of the breakfast menu so that makes it breakfast.

If you have not seen the Same Day Edit from Scott & Misty’s wedding check out:

Next it is off to DVD authoring and duplication.  We will let you know how it comes out.


Derrick & Kendra Perrin

Big Box Pro – Weddings, Quinceaneras & Special Event Videography


It has been a year, so it was time to upgrade the studio’s editing software. We have been using Vegas Video for the last 7 years and we decided to stick with it. The new version has great title effects along with its continued support of the latest HD video products. Along with the addition of Vegas Pro, Big Box Pro has the latest version on Camtasia. For those unfamiliar, Camtasa is software buit to build training dvd & cds. Come back soon for reviews of thes products and more.

As always
Take care

Derrick Perrin
with Big Box Pro, South Texas Wedding & Quinceanera Video

Big Day at Big Box

Today will be a long day at Big Box Pro. We have a wedding in Corpus Christi and one in Taft. Kendra and Michele will handle the Corpus Christi wedding, while Eddy and I will cover the Taft event.

I will let you know how it comes out.


First day at the Light House for the Blind

On Wednesday we went out and shot the first of thee days at the South Texas Lighthouse for the Blind. This was a a difficult shoot due to the fact all of the employees know there way around the office without little to no vision. This creates issues when you set up a crane shot on the warehouse floor. Kendra or I had d to play lookout while the other setup or ran equipment. Overall it was a a great shoot. We look forward to getting it all into the editor and making a a nice little documentary for them.
Derrick Perrin

South Texas Lighthouse for the Blind

In the month of September, Big Box Pro will be working with the South Texas Lighthouse for the Blind to produce an educational video.  The video will be used to inform the public an raise awareness.  When we start the edit process we will post some video when were are done producing it.


Derrick Perrin


University of Texas Health Science Center project

Kendra and I were on location in South Texas this week. We shot video in the towns of Brownsville, Harlingen, Edinburgh and Laredo. All of the footage will be used for a University of Texas Health Science Center project. The goal for the project is to educate the public on evacuations, pandemics, shelter in place and keeping children with fevers at home.

During a break on Thursday we had the opportunity to visit the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville. It is such a nice laid out zoo. I recommend it to all.


Derrick Perrin

Big Box Pro Audio Video

Roma 2007 Edit

Well it has been a few months sine I got in from Rome and the editing has been long ans hard but well worh it. The project runs a bit under two hours and covers 7 days of travel, 6 masses and three towns in Italy. We are working on the party to show off the final production. We are working on getting a trailor online soon.

Derrick Perrin