Beach Wedding – Sandcastle Condos – Port Aransas – Texas

This was out 2nd “Same Day Edit” from September 22, 2007.  Misty and Scott were so much fun to work with.  Scott was a little on the emotional side, but it made for a great video.  Thank you Scott for being the man you are.

Misty & Scott Wedding Couple

Misty had warned us that she was going to show up as one of two people on her wedding day; the cool bride, or bridezilla.  We got one of the coolest brides we have ever worked with.  When someone dropped a cup of Hawaiian Punch and splashed the back of her wedding dress, Misty was calm and cool.

Here is what Misty had to say about Big Box Pro Wedding Video after her wedding:

If you think you are good with just a photographer than you are WRONG! Especially if you don’t choose Big Box Pro. To this day, Derrick and Kendra keep in touch with us and during the wedding were nothing but fun and professional. We had our video within a month! They are always looking for ways to make their business more exciting and demanding. They are definitely NOT satisfied with being mediocre. Our video was great and to top it off, we were surprised with a “same-day edit”….they showed us a recap of our wedding day at our reception. It was only the 2nd one they had done, but it was awesome! We can still look at it on their website whenever we want to. Just make sure you give them an idea of what you want and they can do it. Take my word for it, my wedding would not be as memorable if they weren’t there!

The venue was the Sand Castle Resort in Port Aransas, Texas. They held their wedding on the sandy beach and then partied indoors at the resort. We shot along side Fonzie Munoz Photography.

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Big Box Pro Wedding Video

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