At the end of the year we get a report card, and we like it.

For the past 2 years we have used the wordpress platform to bring you information about Big Box Pro Wedding video. We also have post that might help you plan your wedding better.

We thank you for stopping by and watching our wedding films. We love showing off our videos and are thrilled when you watch and share them.

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You managed to watch over 125,000 of our videos this year. Wow, thanks for watching! We look to continue providing you with more and more wedding videos in the year 2016.

Once again we thank you for visiting and also for watching some of our wedding films. We hope you were able to grab a few ideas that might help your wedding be more beautiful.

We hope you have a blessed 2016

Derrick & Kendra Perrin


Derrick Perrin owner of Big Box Pro Wedding Video. I love to hike and camp. I'm also a big fan of woodworking and running.